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Indians’ passion for cooking spurs demand for food preparation appliances

New Delhi, 16.12.2015

Over 10 million liquidizers, choppers, food processors, hand blenders, hand mixers and kitchen machines sold in last one year

With cooking being a big part of the Indian culture, adoption of modern kitchen aids such as food preparation appliances in the country has been on the rise in recent years. GfK point of sales tracking reported a five percent increase in take-up of these appliances in the last 12 months, compared to the same timeframe a year ago.

A separate global study conducted by GfK earlier this year across 22 markets internationally revealed India as the country where people spend most time, at more than 13 hours a week, on cooking. The country also ranked second with nearly half of the respondents (48%) saying they have great knowledge of, and experience with food and cooking. At the same time, two in every five respondents said they are passionate about food and cooking.

“It is interesting to note that while the amount of time people on cooking, on average internationally, is less than six and a half hours a week, the Indians actually spend almost twice as much time—ranking them the highest in the world,” said Dheeraj Mukherjee, Senior Director, Technology and Home & Lifestyle for GfK in India. “This emphasizes the high importance and usage frequency of domestic kitchen appliances in a typical modern Indian household.”

Mixer grinders, also known as liquidizers, are the most popular appliance within the food preparation making up 85 percent of sales volume and revenue. In the last one year, Indian households spent over USD 372 million on 8.7 million liquidizers, representing a four percent surge in demand from the same timeframe a year ago.

It is interesting to highlight that towns with population of less than one million are showing a faster take-up of mixer grinders, at 10 percent growth. Volume contribution by the South region is highest at 46 percent, followed by the West (23%), East (19%) and lastly North (12%).

Demand of mixer grinders depends largely on their wattage as well as bowl material and capacity; and how they meet the preparation needs of the different types of regional cuisines. For instance, powerful and high capacity liquidizers are required to make the rice batters for South Indian dishes like idli, dosa and vada; hence GfK findings reflect greater sales of high wattage (>500 watts) and high bowl capacity (>1.5 liter) liquidizers in the South as compared to the North region where preference skew towards low wattage and low capacity.

Other food preparation appliances such as choppers and hand mixers also registered demand surge by 29 and 16 percent respectively. These two segments account for one percent each in the food preparation category.

“More households are increasingly depending on these useful appliances as they can greatly help shorten time spent on cooking and make the daily task a lot easier and more convenient,” said Muhkerjee. “Considering the cooking culture and dietary habits of Indians, kitchen appliances which enhance convenience and bring about better quality of life will continue to be sought after by households all across India,” he concluded.

- Survey covers: Urban India excluding the Direct to Home Channel
- Survey period: November 2013 - October 2014 versus and November 2014 - October 2015

Seraphina Wee