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Smart Insights: Automotive

The global automotive industry is facing change on two fronts: a shifting industry landscape of emerging markets and increasing environmental regulations, and evolving consumer behavior and expectations.

To remain competitive, automotive manufacturers and retailers need industry insights that provide clear direction on today’s markets and the consumer demands of tomorrow.  

Our automotive market research experts deliver smart insights across all areas: From optimizing new concepts and product design, identifying precise actions to improve car brand perception or experiences, to tracking automotive aftersales.

Success Stories
  • Enhancing brand performance in the US luxury auto market

    Enhancing brand performance in the US luxury auto market


    GfK researched one of Europe’s major auto manufacturers to determine the strength of its brand relationships with customers in the United States.

    A large European auto manufacturer that focuses on the luxury segment.


    This company has improved the perception of its product and brand in the US market over the past few years and is establishing itself as a serious alternative for premium car buyers. Though our client’s brand equity and sales are steadily growing in the US, we conducted research around ways our client could further strengthen its performance.


    We analyzed the auto manufacturer’s market impact using our Brand Vivo methodology – an approach that provides insight into consumer-brand relationships.


    The research showed the client is lagging the market leaders in consideration, familiarity and buying intention. We found that the automaker’s relationships with a high share of consumers in its target market were weak. Thus, to increase long-term brand success in the US, we recommended that the client:

    • evaluate current communications to ensure it had strong “personal fit” and “fun to drive”
    • monitor social media buzz and take actions to encourage website visits
    • ensure relevant distribution of service centers.

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  • Social media: Separating customer sentiment from the noise

    Social media: Separating customer sentiment from the noise


    The GfK Social Media Intelligence solution helped our client to understand customer sentiment about a new car model, allowing it to sharpen its marketing approach.

    Our client is a major car manufacturer with a strong presence in India.


    The Internet – including social media – plays a major role in influencing car purchase decisions among India’s 120 million-plus Internet users. This Indian automotive manufacturer wanted to monitor and measure social media sentiment about a new car model so that it could improve its marketing effectiveness.


    We used our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) solution over five months to monitor and analyze social media conversations about the new car. Our approach combined automated tools with human insight to ensure accurate interpretation of social media content.
    “Human coding” – using skilled people to clean and categorize social data – enabled us to derive real insight from the data and posts we collected.


    The data we gathered and the analysis we conducted allowed us to map trends and sentiment about the new car into a clear understanding of the model’s online reputation. We cut through the noise of the social web to provide our client with actionable insights. From these insights we provided various recommendations, which included a focus on using the right channels to communicate to different audiences (users and influencers, for example) with appropriate messaging.

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  • Actionable ideas enhance SUV launch campaign

    Actionable ideas enhance SUV launch campaign


    GfK helped this car manufacturer to understand consumer responses to its upcoming TV campaign in preparation for a new product launch.

    The client is one of Europe’s leading auto manufacturers.


    This auto manufacturer was preparing for the worldwide launch of its new sports utility vehicle (SUV). It wanted to pretest its television brand campaign with consumers in key territories to understand its brand effect as well as its cognitive and emotional impact.


    We took a thorough approach to this engagement, using our proprietary EMO Scan (www.gfk.com/emoscan) and EMO Sensor methodologies to gauge consumers’ emotional response to the adverts as well as asking them in-depth questions about their thoughts and feelings regarding the commercials. Our representative sample of the target market for the new vehicle comprised 406 drivers in the United States, Germany and China.


    Our research helped our client grasp how successful its television commercials were in achieving its campaign goals around brand fit, message transfer, memorability, clarity, and emotional and cognitive impact.

    The client learned a great deal about how consumers responded to each advertisement scene-by-scene, including the imagery, storyline and music. The study gave the client actionable ideas that helped it optimize its campaign to drive a more successful launch for the new SUV.

    Click here to download the success story.

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  • Trends & Forecasting

    Trends & Forecasting

    ​Today’s steady stream of new offerings and shortening product lifecycles place a unique pressure on businesses to stay ahead. Consumer purchasing behavior shifts more rapidly than ever.

  • Point of Sales Tracking

    Point of Sales Tracking

    Retailers and manufacturers are under pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit and to keep customers coming back.

    Success relies on having the most up-to-date sales data, combined with robust analysis to understand which products and services are performing well in the market – and which are not. With this information, clients can set clear strategies for commercial growth and increase return on investment.

  • Geomarketing


    Our geomarketing solutions and consultancy provide our clients with smart insights into location-specific factors that impact the success of business sites, shops, sales territories, target groups, as well as chain store and distribution networks.

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