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Success story

Turning shoppers into buyers to win at retail


Our shopper conversion pilot project demonstrated how we can help manufacturers and retailers decode consumers’ decision-making processes.


Shoppers face overwhelming choice in stores today and traditional shopper research methodologies do not satisfactorily explain how they make purchase decisions in this complex environment.


Our shopper conversion solution enables us to observe consumer behavior across the entire in-store experience – from shopper paths and the retail environment to the store shelves and the point of sale. This methodology allows retailers and manufacturers to understand consumers’ actual behavior, and to derive key performance indicators and sales drivers they can use to evaluate and improve the shopper journey. We ran a pilot to showcase how we could help a supermarket in Prague, Czech Republic, observe and optimize its store and shelf layouts to convert shoppers into buyers. Our approach enabled us to follow shoppers through the store and understand their decision-making process.


The research yielded many insights for retailers and manufacturers that would be overlooked with a less comprehensive approach to measuring shopping behavior. It delivered in-market proof of how the follow-the-shopper approach – integrated with other key data sources – can help retailers and manufactures maximize basket size and customer purchases by optimizing store layout, shelves, categories and in-store marketing investments.

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