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Crossmedia Visualizer

Understand consumers’ media consumption at home and on the go

Consumers are faced with an ever-growing choice of media and shopping opportunities across a myriad of devices. While there is huge untapped potential in this fragmented landscape, as an advertiser, publisher or agency it is also increasingly difficult to monitor and understand this evolving behavior.

The GfK Crossmedia Visualizer helps you to explore and understand your consumers media behavior. We leverage cross-media and purchase data for marketing understanding, target group understanding and competitor intelligence.

Single-source data in a powerful online dashboard

Based on unique, single-source and cross-media panels that track and measure cross-device digital media, purchase behavior and cross media usage, the GfK Crossmedia Visualizer allows you to explore consumers’ media behavior and product consumption.

Making sense out of big data via our unique taxonomy

GfK has developed an innovative and easy to understand taxonomy that is used to classify the brands and behavior of the panelists. This taxonomy is based on products and providers (such as Google, Netflix or Amazon), user activity (shopping, social networking …), online content (fashion, medical, travel …) and business context (publishers, public sector, retailers …).

Gain insights into how consumers use your (and your competitor’s) online offering and use the GfK Crossmedia Visualizer to optimize your marketing strategy and media mix.