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Keeping up with “on-the-go” consumption so that you can get ahead in the convenience sector


With almost half of Scandinavian adults buying products for immediate consumption each week, the food industry is firmly focused on understanding their “on-the-go” purchase behavior.

So we’ve introduced a very convenient “Convenience Tracker” to provide you with intelligence on this specific type of shopping behavior by channel and category.

What we mean by “convenience”
Products consumed immediately after purchase – i.e. products that you eat/drink/use at home or outside of it within three hours of purchase. Products for immediate consumption include drinks, food that does not need any further preparation, fast food, sweets, tobacco, newspapers, etc.

Convenience for you is to have your key questions answered:

  • What will the convenience sector look like in the future?
  • What proportion of customers are buying my category?
  • When during the day are customers buying my category?
  • Who is the convenience customer?
  • Which is the primary purchase channel for my category?
  • What are the driving forces behind customers’ various purchase occasions?

Enjoy a deep understanding of the “on-the-go” customer
To ensure that your brand is present and visible at the point of purchase, it is critical that you have intelligence on consumers’ convenience shopping habits.

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