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90% of consumers have purchased convenience in the last year, and the sector faces the biggest change ever but what does this mean for your brand?


To keep up with the increased stress and pressure in society, households choose to simplify life, wherever possible. The trend is clear; we are facing a change in consumer behaviour, and we are not only eating out to a higher extent, but we are also facing a real boom in the e-commerce of groceries.

Convenience purchases increase, not only in the convenience stores itself, but indeed also in grocery channels, restaurants, and petrol stations, as well as within the new trend with home deliveries from restaurants. The consequence of this changed behaviour is that households reduce their traditional consumption in the FMCG market.

With nine out of ten consumers having purchased convenience during the past year, the sector is now becoming more important than ever and it is crucial to understand this change, and growth in consumption, otherwise you risk being left behind in favour of other market players.

GfK now presents the Convenience Tracker, in a remastered version with both a broader and deepened focus.

The report helps you understand questions such as:

  • What drives the purchase of convenience items, and which is the primary purchase channel for your specific category?
  • Which categories or segments are purchased in combination with your category/brand?
  • Who is the convenience shopper and what are the differences in attitudes and behaviour, between female and male, based on profiles for various channels and categories?
  • What are the driving forces behind customers’ various purchase occasions?

If you have any questions please contact Mattias.Fridh@gfk.com