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UX Labs

UX Labs

Our lab capabilities facilitate your research in a shorter timeframe without the need to rent external facilities. Our labs were built and designed for user testing; we manage 13 dedicated usability studios - more than any other firm in the world. We also own the largest studio in North America, which is capable of managing 10 simultaneous test sessions.

Our flexible facilities provide us with unlimited options to test everything from medical devices to tablets. We offer onsite technical support with knowledge of the project goals; a flat rate facility fee includes all catering (up to five observers), copies and equipment.

We offer the latest in high-quality eye tracking and testing equipment that requires minimal set-up time, is non-intrusive for participants, and features digital recording capability. Sessions can be viewed from large observation rooms with one-way mirrors and monitors or remotely via live-streaming. We also provide specialized cameras for handheld devices, paper documents and physical products, as well as real-time translation of test sessions and streaming of translated audio to observation rooms.

UX iLab

The effectiveness of our mobile device UX research and design prompted us to design a comprehensive lab for iPhone and iPad applications and simulator research. We capture every interaction; our UX iLab reflects the on-the-go nature of the devices and can be set up anywhere – worldwide.

Emergency rooms, pharmacy labs, other simulated use environments

For specialized health research, including CE marking (Europe) and 510(k) submission (US), GfK's UX labs transform into emergency rooms, pharmacy labs or other simulated use environments. We also maintain partnerships with local simulation labs to accommodate complex summative human factors validation studies.

We have interviewed in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and physician offices when onsite research is required.

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