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2016 Election Survey

Overview: In response to numerous inquiries from academic and non-profit researchers about opportunities to survey the American public in the immediate run-up to this year’s election, GfK is making limited space available for additional questions on a survey that will field from the Thursday preceding the election (November 3) through noon on Election Day (November 8). We anticipate a national sample of about 1,400 total completes, including 1,000 likely voters (as determined by our AP-GfK new likely voter model), who are U.S. residents, 18 years of age and older. Space will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. For optimum respondent experience, we will review proposed survey questions to ensure redundancies are minimized. State-level samples are also possible, and though not currently planned, a re-contact post-election study would be possible with enough interest. 

Sample: The nationally-representative sample will be drawn from GfK’s KnowledgePanel®, a probability-based online survey panel recruited primarily using ABS (http://www.gfk.com/en-us/products-a-z/us/knowledgepanel-united-states/). Recent tests with the Associated Press have demonstrated the reliability and accuracy of the GfK KnowledgePanel® for predicting election outcomes:

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Description: This 2016 Election Survey service is a unique opportunity to get a reliable read on the mindset of the American electorate at election time with a low cost. In addition to your questions, respondents will also be asked political party identification, political ideology, registration and likely voter status, presidential vote choice, along with a wide range of demographics we have in our panel profile data. The data from these common items along with your items and demographic weights will be provided to you by November 15, 2016 with a field report summarizing the methodology we used.

Cost: Pricing is $750 per question unit – a single item with up to 7 responses in a graded scale counts as 1 question unit, a grid with 3 evaluations and no more than 5 responses counts as 2 single question units, a multiple response question with 6 responses counts as 2 single question units. Space on the survey will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a minimum of two questions per client. Depending on space availability, further discounts may be available for 10 or more questions. Survey methodology consulting to make your questions mobile friendly will be provided at no charge to you – about 30% of our general population samples complete surveys using smartphones.

Deadline: The deadline for placing questions on this special election survey is noon ET on November 1

Contact: Please contact Wendy Mansfield (wendy.mansfield@gfk.com), our Government and Academic representative, for additional information. Contact Randall K. Thomas, Senior Vice President, Research Methods (randall.thomas@gfk.com) or Frances M. Barlas, Vice President, Research Methods (frances.barlas@gfk.com) with any methodological questions.