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Government & Academic Omnibus

The GfK Government & Academic Omnibus is the perfect data collection tool for researchers who seek high-quality data while sharing costs with other researchers. It offers the longest field period of all our omnibus surveys (10 days - this is similar to field periods for our custom surveys). The longer field period enables the best possible response from harder-to-reach groups (such as young adults and minorities). 

This Omnibus is a dependable, credible, and cost-efficient way to answer research questions quickly. It allows you to implement high-caliber research that will withstand scrutiny from the media, peer review, and other audiences, inside and outside your organization. It is well-suited for government and academic scientists who want to test survey questions or conduct brief surveys. 

The Government & Academic Omnibus provides a nationally representative sample drawn from our probability-based KnowledgePanel®. GfK’s KnowledgePanel differs from "opt-in" online panels in the following ways:

  • To recruit panel members, we use ABS (address-based sampling) as the primary methodology—a probability-based approach that covers cellphone-only and non-internet households.
  • For non-internet households, we provide free internet access and a laptop for completing online surveys. Therefore, the sample is not limited to only those who already have internet access.
  • The representativeness of this sample—including hard-to-reach groups such as young adults, males, and minorities—has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed academic papers.

KnowledgePanel serves as an excellent alternative to telephone samples. You can project survey results to the U.S. general adult population, which makes the Government & Academic Omnibus ideal for:

  • Public release opinion polls
  • Short proprietary surveys
  • Pilot testing of surveys or experimental scenarios, concepts, and manipulations

Services & Pricing
The Government & Academic Omnibus consists of 1,000 respondents age 18 or older from a representative sample of the U.S. general adult population. Each Omnibus survey will have a 10-day field period with 55%-60% cooperation rates, assuring high-quality data and representation from harder-to-reach groups such as young adults, males, and minorities.

Post-stratification weights are provided as part of the final deliverable. Data are delivered as an SPSS file or banner table. Each comes with standard demographic variables including gender, age, education, household income, race/ethnicity, marital status, and household size.

Pricing starts at $900 per question unit,* and you can include 3-20 questions on the Government & Academic Omnibus. Also available at an additional fee: Custom banners, other data file formats and demographic variables outside of the standard deliverables.
*A unit is a simple, straightforward, close-ended question, such as yes/no or a checklist of up to 10 response categories, or a rating scale with up to four attribute statements.

For more information and pricing, contact your GfK account representative or Wendy Mansfield at +1 202 686 0933, or wendy.mansfield@gfk.com.