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Our solutions include regional market analyses, target group localization, sales territory planning, digital maps such as purchasing power and regional market data as well as appraisals of real estate, locations and sales networks for the industry, retail and manufacturing sectors.

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    • 03/08/16
    • Geomarketing
    • RegioGraph
    • Norway
    • English

    GfK launches new geomarketing software "RegioGraph 2016"

    GfK will release the latest version of the geomarketing software RegioGraph along with up-to-date maps and market data on March 24. RegioGraph 2016 gives users the ability to access map analyses online with a Web viewer, geocode IP addresses and import address data more quickly. RegioGraph is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution for location intelligence applications ranging from market and target group analyses to sales territory planning and optimization and expansion planning.
    • 11/18/15
    • Geomarketing
    • RegioGraph
    • Regional Market Data
    • Picture of the month
    • Norway
    • English

    Map of the month: New maps for Poland and all of Europe for GIS use

    In honor of GIS Day, GfK is releasing an extract of its new, ultra-precise digital maps of Poland. GfK offers detailed, up-to-date geodata for all of Europe in its newly released "GfK Europe Edition 2015".
    • 10/28/15
    • Geomarketing
    • Norway
    • English

    GfK Purchasing Power USA 2015

    The average purchasing power in the United States of €35,179 per person is relatively high compared to other countries.
    • 10/15/15
    • Geomarketing
    • Norway
    • English

    GfK Europe Map Edition 2015/2016 depicts current administrative and postcode boundaries

    GfK has released its Europe Map Edition 2015/2016, which reflects the thousands of regional changes that have occurred in Europe over the past year.

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