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KnowledgePanel Digital

A GfK innovation to KnowledgePanel. Members have agreed to passive measurement of their smartphones and tablets. Delivers the means to better measure, and monitor, trends in digital behavior linked to opinion, product use and voting behavior. Our approach lessens reliance on asking people questions via surveys and in fact can also be used for sampling based on digital behavior. We collect a comprehensive view of individual online and app behavior and capture predictive metrics that allow you to make proactive decisions. Our behavioral/passive data, linked to attitudinal data, can be used to address the most timely questions facing marketers, media agencies, policymakers and officials.

The complexity of media fragmentation, multi-screen digital usage and mobility of people needs a new type of holistic, multidimensional research that goes beyond the survey. KnowledgePanel Digital provides this solution through a comprehensive, behavioral view of digital behavior that is passively collected through GfK meters among people who have smartphones and/or tablets. A subset of KnowledgePanel members, who also meet the mobile device ownership criteria, have opted- in for continuous metering of their mobile devices such that we know their website, search and app usage. 

This behavioral /passive data, linked to KnowledgePanel attitudinal survey data, can be used to address the timeliest questions facing marketers, media agencies, social scientists and policy makers. 

This passive data set can be used for commercial and government & academic research with examples found here.

We track natural behavior across devices, including:

  • Which website pages and apps an individual opens
  • What keyword phrases an individual uses on search engines
  • When and how much time they spend on sites
  • Navigational patterns: Where they come from and go
  • Cross-device behavior: How they use each device


Knowledge Panel Digital is a single source sample through the linking of two GfK assets: KnowledgePanel and LEOtrace Digital Tracking. This provides active surveys and passive digital tracking on a stable, representative, longitudinal panel.

Learn more about KnowledgePanel here.

LEOtrace Digital Tracking

  • Browser add-on for PC, IOS/Android phones & tablets
  • Background tracking of all device behavior
  • Enables surveys driven by digital behavior or other events
  • Supplemented with additional surveys for profiling, offline behavior & whys