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Press release

Greek consumers purchase in an Omni-channel shopping reality

Athens, 21.11.2017

Our latest report shows strong evidence in combined online and in-store purchase journey for clothing and fashion, toys, small home appliances and computing products.

Omni-channel shopping for key household products, combining in-store and online purchases, is noticeable as a Global and European trend. GfK’s latest FutureBuy® report, conducted through an online survey, reveals that this trend is also relevant among Greek shoppers.

Specifically, Greek shoppers use both in-store and online resources during their journey, for:

  • Clothing: 51% (versus 52% in EU)
  • Small Home Appliances: 41% (same % in EU)
  • Toys: 41% (versus 49% in EU)
  • Computing: 40% (same % in EU)
  • Financial Services: 36% (versus 33% in EU)
  • Smartphones: 34% (versus 35% in EU)
  • TV & Video Devices: 32% (versus 40% in EU)
  • Major Home Appliances: 31% (versus 37% in EU)
  • Beauty and personal care: 30% (versus 29% in EU)
  • Wearables: 28% (versus 38% in EU)
  • Baby Care: 24% (versus 30% in EU)
  • Shaving: 20% (versus 18% in EU)
  • OTC healthcare: 18% (versus 19% in EU)
  • Pet Food and Accessories: 16% (versus 23% in EU)
  • Replacement Tires: 12% (versus 21% in EU)
  • Packaged food and beverages: 10% (versus 14% in EU)
  • Household washing and cleaning products: 10% (versus 13% in EU)

Find out more on Greek consumers' omni-channel shopping experience:

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Download the Press Release in Greek

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