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Success story
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Optimizing regional sales potential through key market insights

Bruchsal, 14.07.2016

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu is a regional German brewery. They use our geomarketing software to analyze and objectively evaluate its regional sales and then optimize its business.


The brewery manufactures a wide variety of products – including beer mugs, shampoo, sausage, hop bath oil and nostalgic advertising posters. It uses three parallel sales channels to drive sales of its products: grocery store retail, specialty retail and key clients. A large variance between sales in different regions complicates sales management for Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu. The company needed to better understand its markets so it could optimize its multilevel sales structure accordingly.


Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu implemented our geomarketing software, RegioGraph, to validate and visualize its company data on digital maps.
It uses the software to:

  • display, analyze and optimize its three overlapping sales structures
  • view location data for external organizations that are an extended part of its salesforce as well as their customers and turnover
  • provide relevant information to employees in the form of easy-to-understand reports


By visualizing its data, Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu can quickly assess the regional distribution of its customers and turnover across sales regions. This enables our client to manage its markets based on the available regional potential. The brewery also uses the insights to provide its external salesforce organizations with detailed information on market opportunities.

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