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Success story
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Innovation strategies for the connected home


We helped this technology vendor explore how it could work with service providers to capture opportunities in the smart household.


Our client wanted to test a product that would offer the unified management of Internet, TV, telephony and utilities. The benefits it envisaged from this product included convenience, enhanced access to content, home security and easier management of home appliances.


We conducted 500 computer-assisted personal interviews in the US, the UK and Germany.
Together with the client, we created visual storyboards to bring four use-case scenarios to
life. We examined how likely consumers would be to adopt the product at various price points.
Our Innovation Levers tool – part of GfK Market Builder – delivered actionable data based on the realities of the market.


The project:

  • highlighted the most promising use-case scenarios
  • supported decisions about the development and positioning of connected home products and services
  • identified price sensitivity variations in each of the three markets
  • formed the basis of a co-authored white paper and accompanying infographic, which the networking equipment company uses to inform customers, partners and prospects, and to present its vision at international conferences

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