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Success story
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Breakfast moment insights deliver business benefits


Our qualitative and quantitative research gives Belgian retailers and manufacturers compelling insights into what happens at the breakfast table each morning.

Our clients include a number of manufacturers and retailers operating in the Belgian food and beverage markets.


Several of our clients in Belgium – retailers and manufacturers alike – wanted to know more about the breakfast routine in the average Belgian household. We initiated a project to investigate this topic for their benefit.


Our study encompassed qualitative and quantitative research into what the Belgian family has for breakfast. We conducted a qualitative exploration of the breakfast moment with an online community comprising a representative mix of age groups and family types.

We also interviewed a representative sample of our household panel about their family’s breakfast that day and the day before.


A number of our clients whose brands are linked to the breakfast moment subscribed to the survey.

Some of the results confirmed our clients’ intuitions about their customers’ breakfast behaviors and preferences, validating their assumptions with numbers. Other insights from the research were new and surprising to them.

They found that the information derived from the research provided a wide range of insights to support their business requirements – from customer-need identification to product development.

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