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Mystery Shopping

Consumers face a complex array of brand touch points every day of their lives. To deliver a consistent brand experience, marketers need to know how consumers are actually experiencing their brand. Our mystery shoppers give you all the help you need to understand these experiences, and respond to them to maximize the return for your business. 

Our mystery shopping teams show you how people experience your products and services across every point of contact and we benchmark their customer experience against your competitors.

We are one of the leading mystery shopping research agencies worldwide, operating across multiple markets and regions. Our smart insights give you a deep understanding of the national, regional or global customer service experience you deliver.

Our mystery shopping service solutions include:

  • Product recommendation: we show you where and how retailers recommend your products
  • Customer service experience: we reveal how your employees engage with your customers
  • Compliance: we track compliance with service standards, product availability and price
  • Retail audits: we create reports on your store environments and point of sale communications
  • Industry teams: we assign consultants who are experts in your industry


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