We consume more media content on more channels and through more devices than ever before. And with the speed of technology, there’s always another disruption around the corner to change the way we choose to enjoy content.

Our media-measurement solutions help identify what channels attract which audiences. Our team has devised state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous methodologies to track who is watching what, where, and how they engage with content. You’ll be able to evaluate who is consuming what content across different media, platforms and devices, and know what the audience thinks about that content.

GfK measures the media people consume and helps brands improve the performance of their campaigns. We create industry trading currencies for television, print, radio, out-of-home, online, and mobile—and for cross-media measurement. GfK owns media operations in over 25 markets across the world—evidence of the quality of our solutions and the reliability of our technologies. Many of the world’s biggest brands plan, buy, and maximize their media based on GfK’s audience measurement.

We can also combine our world class media measurement technologies with passive purchase behavior data to close the loop on advertising campaign effectiveness. We have a range of solutions across the campaign lifecycle to help you build campaigns that reach your consumers and drive results.

Our approach - one size doesn’t fit all


The aim of our measurement is to follow the user on all devices for a 360 degree understanding of viewing consumption. To deliver it, we have developed a modular approach that measures viewing behavior across all devices reported in our panels. All these measurements are combined in our central One Media Platform, enriched and, if necessary, supplemented with census data and/or third party data.

We use different approaches ranging from the traditional - where one agency wins the tender and collects, processes and reports all the data - to the scenario where an agency provides some of the data; and finally, to where we connect the data built on collaboration, partnership and trust - not just between the industry and agencies - but also between different agencies. Key to all of our contracts are common principles: transparency of methodology, flexibility in approach and thinking, and adaptability to create a solution that works for each unique market. This increasingly means collaboration with other research agencies, data providers and other third-parties, an approach that has worked well for us.


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Insights for a 360-degree understanding of your audience

Media Measurement Solutions - audience tracking across platforms  | GfK
The trusted currency to measure your total audience

Understand your total reach across all media and devices, online or offline.

Media Measurement Solutions - audience tracking across platforms  | GfK
Understand cross-media behavior to get the full picture

In depth currency measurement through audience demographics and engagement across media and devices.

Media Measurement Solutions - audience tracking across platforms  | GfK
Integrate data sets for a complete view of your audience

Connect the right data from different sources, systems, and agencies for your needs so that you can fully understand your audience.

Total media measurement across all platforms

We know that media is consumed across many different platforms, which is why our media measurement platform provides total audience measurement, regardless of how and where your audience engaged. From our total audience measurement, you can then break down your reach across channels to better understand media consumption patterns and how each platform works together to create your total audience. Here’s more about how we capture your audience across different platforms.

Viewing measurement
Digital measurement
Audio measurement
Published media measurement
  • Combining innovative technology and high quality panels to deliver best-in-class measurement

    Viewing Measurement-1

    Some may have foreseen the disappearance of television in favor of digital media, but nothing could be further from the truth. Today, television continues to command eyeballs and attract huge advertising budgets for global brands. Media owners, broadcast networks and their stations, plus advertisers and their agencies need accurate audience figures to make strategic and tactical decisions.

    GfK’s television audience measurement solutions have been providing the golden standard metrics for decades, allowing all players to:

    • Plan advertising campaigns with the maximum audience reach

    • Use independent, objective measurement to prove the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

    • Make programing decisions based on second by second audience measurement

    • Target campaigns with precision using an in-depth analysis of audience composition

    • Create effective strategies to win and retain audiences by understanding their viewing behavior.


  • Unlocking value from digital inventory

    Digital Audience Measurement

    GfK’s Digital Audience Measurement solutions combine measured data captured from our secure and reliable proprietary digital panels with audited census data from websites and apps, plus data from other sources, and modeled metrics using our advanced analytics tools. 

    Media owners, media agencies and advertisers rely on GfK’s Digital Audience Measurement to provide the industry currency for all digital media, enabling them to: 

    • Plan advertising campaigns with the maximum audience reach 

    • Use independent, objective measurement to prove the effectiveness of different platforms for advertising campaigns 

    • Evaluate and compare audiences across a wide variety of devices and distribution channels


  • Pioneering techniques for the global radio industry

    Audio Measurement - banner

    We are true pioneers of radio measurement, providing mobile metering technologies that captures listening behavior in and outside the home, as well as advanced hybrid methodologies and the integration of streaming audio. 

    GfK’s audio measurement is recognized as the industry currency, providing timely, accurate and robust audience data. It enables the market to: 

    • Plan advertising campaigns that have the maximum audience reach 

    • Prove the effectiveness and efficiency of different radio stations to advertisers 

    • Provide a total radio market perspective, including a station’s position in the market, its audience composition and listener behavior 



  • Understanding readership behavior across online and offline

    Published Media Measurement-1

    There’s nothing like a good book as the saying goes. In today’s digital world, that is still the case, except readers now have so many ways to turn the pages – whether they are printed on paper, or accessible virtually. We have adapted and evolved our readership audience measurement approach over the years to ensure we can provide publishers, advertisers and agencies the world over the industry currency data they need to support their media selling, planning and buying decisions. 

    GfK’s Published Media Measurement captures readership in print and online using a combination of passive tracking and consumer surveys, helping you to:

    • Plan and evaluate advertising campaigns with the maximum audience reach 

    • Assess total readership including digital reading 

    • Link readership to purchase behavior to enhance targeting 


Media Measurement Solutions - audience tracking across platforms  | GfK

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