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Change, especially in these disruptive times, is inevitable. Consumers' lives have been upended, and it's impacting their attitudes, values, concerns, and behaviors. You need the right insights to keep up. Our Consumer Life reports are available on-demand and give you knowledge about all aspects of people's lives, including their aspirations, personal values, future world outlook and concerns, lifestyle behaviors, hobbies, consumption behaviors and usage in health, finance, mobility, technology, media, and much, much more.

The Insights from these reports are part of GfK's Consumer Life, which is the most comprehensive and longest-standing consumer trend study in the world. Its data has been collected annually since 1997 from over 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries, providing market leaders with the most comprehensive information about the people they want to reach.

Featured reports

Immerse yourself in consumer life in a specific country with our Market Briefs
Expanding to a new market or looking to better understand local nuances to improve your sales and marketing tactics? Get a deep dive into consumer life in a specific country.
Understand environmental concerns with our Green Gauge Report
The environment is a top concern among consumers, and it impacts how and what they purchase. Get an overview of sustainability-related trends, attitudes, and actions in 25 countries.
Feel the mood of consumers across the globe with our Mood of the World Report
This year has been like no other. Do you know how it has impacted personal concerns, attitudes toward current buying conditions, and confidence about the future?
Know how people embrace the internet of things with our Smart Home Report
Are smart homes for the early adopters, or are they moving mainstream? Understand how consumers are integrating tech into their homes and their biggest concerns.

The knowledge bank

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Get a jump-start on emerging trends

Recognizing trends is just the beginning. We'll help you understand: how big is the trend? Who does it impact? What effects does it have on my products or services?

Get the TrendKey Reports

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Learn about people in a region of the world

Geography, politics, and societal norms can unite and divide. Learn about how these factors impact people in our reports detailing Europe, China, or Latin America.

Get the Global Places Report

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Get to know your target group or segment

Better understand who your target group is, how reach them, and what kind of marketing messaging and communication resonates with them.

Get the Roper Consumer Styles Report

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Know what your customers value

Values impact shopping behavior. Can you show that you value the same things as your target customers? Develop marketing that resonates and reach your customers.

Get the Value Factbook

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Break down insights by demographic

Targeting a specific demographic? You should get to know everything about them. Break down demos with reports on Gen X, Millenials, Post-Millenials, or Boomers.

Get the Generation Reports

Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK
Understand how lifestyle choices impact purchasing behaviors

Will we forever move to contactless payments? Is health and wellbeing the most important trend facing consumers? Get a deep dive into various lifestyle choices and how they impact your brand.

Get the Global Lifestyles Report

Our 2020 Consumer Life Global Tech & Digital Lifestyle Study

We took a deeper look at how people are buying and prioritizing tech in their lives to provide a rich, global understanding of technology as a driving force in consumers’ lives.


Consumer Life Reports | GfK UK

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