GfK Consumer Insights Engine

Get inside the mind of consumers

With more ways to shop than ever before, it’s essential to have a complete and up-to-date understanding of consumer purchase behavior across global markets.

GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine provides a true 360 degree perspective of consumer purchase decisions – from the what, where and when an item was bought through to the all-important detail of who bought it and why. With detailed consumer profiles, you can understand, identify and focus on your target audience, and with the ‘why buy?’ insights, you can leverage purchase drivers and influence buying decisions. You’ll be able to make smarter, faster decisions to optimize your performance across all touchpoints to increase sales.

The GfK Consumer Insights Engine answers key business questions using comprehensive datasets and advanced analytics, including:

  • Targeting and Opportunity sizing: Which audiences should be your target consumers? Are you missing out on potential buyers?
  • Touchpoint Guidance: Where should you prioritize spend to maximize brand visibility?
  • Product Features and Messaging: Which purchase drivers should your product messaging and design focus on?
  • Retailer Partnerships: Which retailer relationships should you prioritize?

We integrate an unprecedented volume of active and measured (passive) data covering online and offline touchpoints, including our quarterly survey data from 500,000 recent buyers globally which is uniquely calibrated with GfK’s proprietary Point of Sales data. To that we add feedback and opinions from more than one million online reviews published on the market’s biggest retailer websites.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine is the most comprehensive platform available today, offering invaluable insights into consumer behavior and market trends in the consumer technology and durables category in 13 countries. It provides immediate access to consumer behavior, shopper profiles and purchase drivers.

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