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UX Strategy

Guiding the experience design of new products and services

What it is
A framework and roadmap to guide the experience design of new products and services.

How it works
We build alignment  and collaborate with stakeholders via interactive workshops. We research to understand environments, users, needs, and tasks.
We generate design tools such as personas, design principles, and experience maps to inform and guide product, service, and experience design.

Intentionally design great experiences with business strategy and user needs in mind. Be well-equipped to innovate and deliver market-leading experiences with tools grounded in user research. Orchestrate compelling and consistent interactions across an eco-system of products and services with a shared vision and alignment across the organization.


North America: Angelo Pierro (angelo.pierro@gfk.com), Mike Murphy (mike.murphy@gfk.com)

Northern and Southern Europe: Simon Jones (Simon.Jones@gfk.com), Eric Landwaart (Eric.Landwaart@gfk.com)

APAC: Maffee Wan (Maffee.Wan@gfk.com)

Germany and Eastern Europe: Dirk Moersdorf (dirk.moersdorf@gfk.com)

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