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Automotive Forecasting Tool

Supporting your automotive sales strategy through short term forecasting.


What it is
A new car sales forecasting tool that helps you understand the implications of changes in consumer confidence towards spending for big ticket items like cars.

How it works
The tool is an intricate model built on the correlation of new vehicle registrations (SMMT) and consumer confidence data (GfK). Analysis has shown that by correlating these data sets, our new car registration (i.e. sales) forecast, is more accurate than other tools. Both data sets are updated each month to provide you with the most up-to-date market development.

- Align your tactical marketing activities to build on or counteract market developments
- Use your budget spend more efficiently by having more accurate sales and trends forecasts
- Provides you with additional data for your sales strategy pitch within your organisation
- Bypasses generic economic trends but is directly related to the current consumer confidence
- Gives you a monthly market development indicator that directly reflects the implications national and global occurrences have on sales.

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