Voters report that “having enough money to live right and pay the bills” is as important as the NHS and terrorism

Voters report that “having enough money to live right and pay the bills” is as important as the NHS and terrorism

Immigration and Brexit are not voter priorities

A survey to understand the top concerns of British consumers conducted in the first half of May 2017 has revealed that “NHS and the cost of healthcare”, “terrorism” and “having enough money to live right and pay the bills” are more important to voters than the issues of immigration and Brexit.

While other concerns have fluctuated in importance, consumers’ financial worries about day-to-day living expenses is the only concern to remain in the top three across the past year. Over the last 12 months, having enough money to live right and pay the bills has been a primary concern of all consumers aged 18 to 54, with the 55+ age group more concerned about the NHS and the cost of healthcare.

Despite immigration preoccupying Conservative voters, and Brexit the SNP supporters, as a nation the majority of people are united in our on-going concern about paying the bills, a top two overall concern for those voting Labour, SNP and Green.

Alongside concern for the NHS, pocketbook worries are the issues that unite both Remainers and Leavers by appearing in the top three for both groups.

Joe Staton, Head of Market Dynamics at GfK, says:

“Consumers in the UK report that issues close to home are of paramount importance. The 55+ age group are most concerned about the NHS and the cost of healthcare, and having enough money to live right and pay the bills is a top three concern for all other adults.

Whilst Brexit and immigration continue to grab the headlines, the Great British Public worry about what immediately impacts their daily lives. So, apart from talking about the NHS as an election issue, have politicians given up on the “JAMS” (“Just About Managing”)? In an economy where decelerating wage growth coincides with an acceleration in inflation, where higher prices will squeeze consumer spending power this year and next, and where more people are turning to credit for day-to-day expenses, is the cost of living issue proving too complex for politicians to address in a bumper sticker or on the doorstep?”

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About the survey
The data comes from the May 2017 UK Consumer Confidence Barometer, which ran additional questions to determine how respondents ranked a list of 15 potential concerns. Interviewing took place from May 1st to May 15th 2017.
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