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An exclusive GfK conference in Singapore

Consumers are more connected than ever before.

The explosion of the internet and proliferation of digital technologies have raised connectivity to a whole new level. Consumers’ expectations of being presented with personalised information and services on demand are on the rise.

Brands have to work even harder to stand out and get noticed.

Today’s savvy consumers are no longer content with the traditional relationship they have with the brands they consume. Faced with a constantly evolving retail, technology and digital landscape, it is imperative that brand marketers and advertisers master the art of thriving and surviving in a new world where the lines between the physical and digital self are vanishing.

This exclusive GfK conference will showcase the latest GfK insights on today's connected consumers and what this means for businesses in the APAC region. 

Event details

The Connected Consumer
June 7, 2016, 1 – 6 pm
The Ballroom, Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road Singapore 189673

Cocktails follow after the conference.

Event registration

Please register for the event here:

GfK Speakers

Allessandra Cama

Global COO

Frans Janssen


Stanley Kee

Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Dr. Axel Maireder

Head of Global SMI Research Services

Karthik Vankatakrishnan

APAC Director, Digital Media Intelligence

Masao Kaki

Senior Research Manager at Google Asia Pacific

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