Pyrolytic cleaners turning up the heat within the cooking market

The first quarter of 2017 has seen less growth for MDA than last year with total value growth only slightly below 1%. Cooking is one product group which has stayed relatively flat, down 1% at £189million. Value sales have outperformed volume, with cooking down 2% at 476k units sold in the first three months of the year. Internet sales for cooking are lower than most other MDA product groups (34% share), some of which have reach a 50/50 split.

The trend for integrated kitchens is continuing to show within cooking. Freestanding cookers are becoming less popular down 6% in value whilst built-in ovens, which now make up 48% of total cooking sales, have grown 8% and are now worth £87.5m.

The big freestanding winner in recent times has been range cookers which have been one of the many larger capacity home appliances helping to drive growth. However these are also down approximately 1% in line with the total product group. This drop has come mainly through the first two months of the year with sales picking back up in March (value growth at +8% compared to March 2016).

Newer technologies continue to prove popular with consumers as sales of pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens worth £19m in Q1 (up 26% on Q1 2016). This now accounts for 10% of total cooking value whilst cookers with no self-cleaning function have a share which is slowly declining (currently 55%). The price of all three self-cleaning types (pyrolytic, catalytic and hydrolytic) has fallen compared to Q1 2016 though they all remain in the premium price bracket proving that consumers are willing to pay more for time saving features.

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