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Smart technology helps drive Health & Well-Being growth


Following a positive start to the year, growth across the health & well-being* product areas has fallen back over the third quarter of 2017, joining wider small domestic appliances in recording a value decline against the same period in 2016. Overall the category was down 1% over the 3 months, equating to almost £500k.

Despite the poorer performance at a topline level, there are areas still managing to defy wider market trends. Dental care remains a stable growth market with rechargeable handles rising 3% on the quarter. Product innovation has been a contributing factor here as smart connected models account for in excess of £6million over the period, rising 76% in value with an average price of £77 vs. £29 for non-connected models.

Two product groups showing even greater success are blood pressure monitors (+16%) and digital thermometers (+24%), perhaps benefiting from an ageing population more conscious of its health. In the case of blood pressure monitors the value contribution of smart connected models to this growth was £300k, almost £80k higher than that of non-connected ranges. Alongside an average price 3x as large, the increasing significance of these products demonstrates how consumers are willing to spend premium on health devices despite greater economic pressures on disposable income. 

Whilst the likes of foot spas, massage and TENS devices have shown signs of recovery against longer term declines, the main areas holding back overall category growth were electric cosmetics and personal scales. A loss of over £1million within callus removers, coupled with a 20% decline in skin care, means electric cosmetics again failed to recover ground towards the heights seen in 2015.

In contrast to trends elsewhere, the 10% value fall in personal scales was in part driven by the first consistent decline shown amongst smart connected ranges. Yet with January accounting for almost 20% of yearly value in this market and the traditional Christmas over-indulgence approaching, manufacturers don’t have to wait long to focus on a recovery.

*Health & Well-Being includes the product areas balneo therapy, blood pressure monitors, dental care, digital thermometers, electric cosmetics, electric stimulation, light therapy, massage and personal scales.

Source: GfK Point of Sales Tracking | Health & Well-Being | Sales Value GBP | July – September 2017

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