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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow As Laser/IPL Shaves Prices


With British consumers spending increasing amounts of time and money on their appearance, it comes as no surprise that female depilation has witnessed a value uplift over the past year of 5.2%, reaching £63 million over the last MAT. This has been boosted by the higher average temperatures over summer, as well as the unseasonably sunny spring.

The premium Laser/IPL category has been driving total category growth with a 7% value rise over the year, resulting in Laser/IPL rapidly approaching 2/5 of total segment value. The movement is largely being driven online, as consumers appreciate the opportunity to compare prices easily and make a more considered purchase based on product reviews.

Prices are converging with some of the other, more traditional categories, which has had a visible impact on Laser/IPL volume, giving it a 37% boost over the last 2 years. This has also accentuated the movement from the less premium categories, as consumers are more willing to trade up.

The area of the market that has experienced highest percentage value growth over the year has been Ladies’ Electrolysis with a 21% increase. Electrolysis offers the chance to permanently remove hair, and it looks as if users are progressively willing to endure the lengthy, painful process, with 63% of consumers wanting to look good in order to feel good about themselves. Who can blame them with prices that are £4 cheaper on the year?

All data relates to the MAT October 2015 – September 2016 unless otherwise stated