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Disposables fire up the BBQ market


This year, the barbecues market has grown 2.9% in value, (Jan-Sep15 vs Jan-Sep16). Volume has grown more rapidly, with +17.6% growth compared to last year. This volume increase has been driven by disposable barbecues.

In 2014 and 2015, the market moved away from disposable barbecues, with this category losing share each year. However this year, this category has started to recover with a strong increase compared to last year (31% value, 29% volume). Excluding disposables, charcoal barbecues have grown 3.0% in value this year.

Given the strong disposable performance and mixed weather patterns, are British consumers tending to live more in the moment with their purchasing this year? Gas barbecues tend to be more of a long term investment purchase due to their higher price, and have declined this year (-1.4% value, -5.5 volume). Similarly, with Brexit causing economic uncertainty, are consumers less likely to justify spending big on barbecues?

Despite a decline in consumer confidence and erratic weather this year, the market was saved by a strong May performance, growing 52.6% in value compared to May 2015.

(Outdoor BBQ: GfK Panelmarket excluding Ironmongers).

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