How are dryers and smart washers helping value in home laundry?

Major appliances has seen a slowdown in volume over the last few months although value remains more robust increasing 8% in the third quarter (Q3) of 2017 compared to last year amounting to £343m. Home laundry has played an integral part in this as consumers trade up to products with higher specifications and increasingly are attracted to smart connected appliances.

Tumble dryers performed best increasing by over 19% in value over Q3 which may have been driven by the above average rainfall seen in August and September. There is a school of thought that with condenser dryers and energy efficient heat pump dryers now more popular than vented, households may be drying more frequently and therefore don’t require high capacity products. However dryers with load capacities of 7kg and above have actually risen to account for nearly 95% of value and 8kg in particular has become a key segment growing in double digits.

Despite the trend towards integrated appliances seen elsewhere in major appliances, tumble dryers remain dominantly freestanding although despite making up just 1% of sales, growth of 13% over the quarter demonstrates there is still a niche.

Built in washing machines have a higher share of laundry, making up 13%, an increased share of trade compared to last year and have contributed an extra two percentage points of growth to the overall washers market in Q3. Freestanding machines rose at half the rate of last year at 3.5% indicating a deceleration seen across the freestanding appliance categories. Whilst value still remains positive, volumes in freestanding have fallen into the red and although there are signs of a shift to the premium end supporting value, some degree of general price inflation is also responsible for this.

The number of smart connected appliances offered in home laundry has increased markedly in the past two years increasing to 21% in the case of washers. Functionality, ease of use and diagnostic capabilities are fast becoming the standard for consumers whether trading up or replacing for a distress purchase.

Source: GfK Point of Sales Tracking | Washing machines, tumble dryers | Sales value GBP | July – September 2017

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