Cordless products cleaning up

Vacuum cleaners sales have grown consistently over recent years with the introduction of new product types fuelling greater purchases. Cordless cleaners have by far been the greatest example of this with sales rising substantially since they first impacted the category five years ago. Backed by huge levels of marketing, promotional activity and new product innovations, these cleaners now account for nearly a quarter of all unit sales – a figure that is only expected to rise further. 

Whilst cordless cleaners are still being out-sold by cylinder and upright cleaners, they account for a huge 40% of the market value. With value sales rising 33% on the year, they are one of the only cleaning types to record growth. The surge in demand has resulted in steady declines for traditional cleaners as consumers opt for the more convenient and easy to use cordless appliance.

They remain a premium cleaner type with average prices, albeit falling slightly, now at £200. Given the price of a corded alternative is nearly £90 cheaper, consumers are more than happy to spend the extra money on these aspirational products in a bid to simplify the chore of household cleaning. This was particularly true over November where consumers made the most of the Black Friday deals, where 1 in every £2 spent on vacuum cleaners went towards cordless products. A quarter of cordless value sales in 2016 came in November & December alone, illustrating the significance these promotions have on the category. With a growing number of options available at lower prices the mid-market has blossomed throughout the year with growth expected to continue as we enter the New Year.

Cordless is once again set to be the key driver of growth over the coming years with developments in battery technology only likely to help improve performance. New products launches and greater retailer ranging is also likely to play its part in cordless cleaners overtaking cylinders as the most popular sector in 2017.All data relates to the period January 2016 - December 2016 unless otherwise stated. 

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