Consumer trends and insights for 2018

As we look towards 2018, consumers in Britain are facing a lot of uncertainty. You need to understand the opportunities and implications of new trends, consumer behaviours and expectations in your industry so you can win consumers’ ongoing trust and loyalty. Therefore, we have wrapped all the need-to-know consumer insights to help you start planning your 2018 strategies.

The current consumer

More than a year after the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, how are consumers feeling? How can you make sense of so much uncertainty? To bring you closer to consumers’ current attitudes, behaviours and concerns, we have combined findings from our Consumer Confidence Barometer and Consumer Life Report, to help you understand current uncertainty and plan for the future.

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Prepare for the future – Consumer trends for 2018

Now is the time to start planning for the year ahead and anticipate consumers needs and demands. To that end, we’ve identified nine cross-category consumer trends that brands and companies need to address in the next twelve months.

Discover the key trends for next year

Predict the market direction – Meet the LEC (Leading Edge Consumers)

LEADING EDGE CONSUMERS (LEC) are more than just early adopters, they are the consumers who are most likely to shape the future. This group of pioneers helps us predict the later direction of the majority and stay ahead of the market needs and expectations. We can introduce you to LEC to learn fast and optimize your innovation process. 

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