Seize opportunities, make it happen!

Meet our colleague Lydia – in her current role as Global Account Director Lead North America, Lydia Irving manages GfK’s top clients headquartered in America. Find out more about her learnings from her six years’ experience in regional and global roles across GfK.

Taking a step back sometimes and understanding the bigger GfK perspective – what do we do in other markets, how clients see us – that's how innovation happens! It is all here – you just have to go look for it and find new challenges. Sell yourself, take risks, you will find an abundance of opportunities at GfK.

Lydia Irving
Global Account Director Lead North America

Our world of opportunities

We do not see career purely as a one-way climb. Furthermore, career is how individuals find and grow herself or himself. That’s why it is important that we link career closely to development and opportunities.



Explore GfK

  • Attend an in-person or virtual “Meet the ELT” session
  • Learn about our culture, vision and strategy, products and solutions on Learning@GfK
  • Participate in internal open house events, attend external business-related talks or events
  • Stay up-to-date on gNet about what’s happening around the world in GfK
  • Get to know areas of GfK outside of your functional responsibility


Create your network

  • Participate in (or initiate your own) networking / cross-functional events
  • Want to get to know someone in a different department? Grab a coffee or lunch together and see what you have in common (Don’t hesitate to do so via video if you don’t sit in the same office)
  • Make it a goal to meet someone new every month – ask the last person you met to recommend someone for you to meet and let the snowball effect roll


Find or become a mentor

  • Do you need support on something in particular? Connect with one of the great mentors ready and willing to support you
  • Do you want to give back to the GfK community by sharing insights and supporting a fellow colleague? Then sign up to be a mentor to start making a difference now


Ask for feedback

  • Check-in regularly with your manager and if applicable, direct reports. Ask them for their perspective of how you are doing so you can constantly be aware and develop yourself
  • Make it a habit of asking on a regular basis for one or two things that went well or that you could improve on, especially after important meetings or presentations


Seize opportunities

  • Is there a new project or priority either in your organization or outside – raise your hand and express your interest
  • Stay updated on new job postings on Workday and apply when you see something interesting internally
  • Volunteer for extracurricular activities at work like helping in the local community or taking part in forums

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GfK is a big family – my second family, that I choose every day. And as in all families, there are difficult moments, funny moments, changing moments – but I would recommend it exactly for this reason. And also for the energy, for the relationship with the people around me: We work every day together to face the challenges and improve ourselves to succeed.

Chiara Galati
Sales Lead and Global Account Director