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Is anyone in the driver’s seat?

A look at consumer preferences in the mobility industry

Imagine a world where the car talks and nobody is listening… because the train is faster. Crazy isn’t it? 

Like in most other industries, automotive players have put their foot on the gas to speed up innovation and provide consumers with the ultimate driving experience. In-car wifi, voice-activated apps and autonomous vehicles are just some of the standout features and hyped-up topics of the last few years.  

But with things moving so fast, it’s time to slam on the brakes and think for a minute – do people actually want this? 

Focusing on three key areas – electrification, connectivity and autonomy – we decided to take a closer look at the developments which are turning the mobility industry upside down and fundamentally changing the way people travel from A to B. 

Cars remain an attractive purchase

Our latest research reveals that the main reason behind choosing a certain mode of transport is to “be independent” (18%). This is followed by to “get things moving” (16%) and to “save cost and time” (15%)*. From this, it’s clear that owning a car remains a particularly attractive option as it covers most of these need states. 

The Top 3 Mobility related need states

This is reflected in that 78% of millennials and 68% of consumers aged 36 and over see themselves purchasing a car within the next 5 years*.

Purchase Intention within the next 5 years

Flexibility also drives transportation choices 

But our insights also indicate that millennials and older generations want to use a full range of different mobility options and prefer the option which offers the best personal benefits in a given situation. Traffic jam. Why go by car? Unreliable timetables. Why go by train?

It seems car manufacturers and other mobility providers must now come up with a highly compatible offering which incorporates the latest innovations to please their customers in the mobility industry. It will be quite the ride – and if you want to know more about it get in touch with our experts.

* Source: Global GfK study 2017 – On the Road again!

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