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US Tire POS Panel

Almost two-thirds of US replacement tire sales come from the independent channel – but information on activity in these crucial outlets has been scarce.

Enter GfK, which has developed the first panel collecting point-of-sale (POS) data from independent tire dealers nationwide. Drawing from over 3,500 points of sale, GfK’s panel allows manufacturers and retailers to understand – for the first time:

  • brand share changes,
  • competitive activities, and
  • sell out pricing at the tire level.

With data from January 2016 to the current month, GfK’s panel allows executives to benchmark their brands’ performance against the channel and bring a richer, fact-based perspective to decision making.

Reaching key milestones

GfK POS data can help achieve key goals for tire sales:

Be in the right place at the right time – GfK helps you increase profitability and address non-productive inventory in the supply chain

Anticipate production needs – see which tires consumers are purchasing in the replacement market on a month-by-month basis, and understand the impact of new product launches and innovations

Maximize the value of promotion and ads – with channel-wide sales trends at your fingertips, including competitive data, you can see which consumer/trade tactics are working to drive efficient promotional/advertising strategies

The global leader in tire POS measurement

GfK has already established point-of-sale tire panels in nearly 30 countries, from Europe to Asia Pacific to the Middle East. Using its global product manual to code all incoming information, GfK assures data integrity with granular comparability. The result is a more informed global tire marketplace – one that now includes the US.

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