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Print Advertising Monitoring

Consumers are heavily influenced by retailer print advertising. 
We identify key flyer promotions and match these against crucial sale periods daily, providing a tactical view of what is influencing the market. 

What it is

Our data and insights help Market Researchers, Sales and Product Managers to understand, observe and manage their brand/product performance across the four key areas: products, pricing, presence and promotions.

How it works

We monitor the printed advertisement within a leader panel of print media: flyers, catalogues, newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, etc.

Model numbers, prices and all important product-related features as well as page positioning are tracked and reported daily.

Insights that help you

  • Protect your profit margin per product line and models at any time and respond actively to market changes
  • Analyze and Secure proactively pricing policies and brand positioning
  • Monitor of assortment and product portfolio
  • Evaluate Co-op Compliance
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