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Optimizing sales territories for a specialist financial firm

mediserv wanted to optimize its sales territory structure. Its goal was to implement a structure that would improve customer analyses and increase sales campaign efficiency.

Using our geomarketing software, RegioGraph, mediserv restructured its sales territory according to customer distribution and turnover potential. By incorporating regional data on medical professionals, purchasing power and internal rating information, it determined the market potential of each territory. mediserv also used RegioGraph’s integrated analyses to categorize its customers and identify growth regions.

The company implemented an optimized sales territory structure in just three months. Our comprehensive geomarketing data has given mediserv deeper insight into the market. This, in turn, has enabled the company to support the outside salesforce with more targeted regional sales campaigns. It has seen a significant increase in the efficiency of its sales strategies.

Our client can now tap more turnover potential and offer improved services to its customers (for example through billing coaching and custom-tailored banking products such as business start-up and investment loans).

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About mediserv
mediserv Bank provides billing, turnover, direct banking and financial management services for physicians, dentists and healthcare professionals in Germany.