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Success story

Optimizing outcomes by understanding the path to purchase


GfK helped a technology company to uncover insights into how customers make purchasing decisions and how these are influenced by different touchpoints.

Our client is a leading player in the mobile technology market.


Our client wanted to know how consumers interact with its online and offline touchpoints. It was particularly interested in the “research online, purchase offline” (ROPO) effect. These insights would help optimize customer acquisition and retention.


We monitored the purchasing intentions, actual purchases and research activities of potential buyers in the mobile market over the course of four weeks. Our approach blended online tracking of consumers’ web surfing behavior with quantitative online surveys.


  • Our findings highlighted to the client the important role that multichannel marketing plays in boosting performance across its key performance indicators namely customer acquisition and customer loyalty
  • They also revealed that social media plays an important role in the decision-making process, yet is overrated in terms of its actual sales effectiveness
  • Our client is using these insights to customize its media strategy across different channels and touchpoints, as well as to improve the user experience across its websites
  • This information has also helped to shape a strategy for harnessing the influence of social media in the shopping process.

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