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Success story
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Maximizing results from social media


GfK investigated whether social media can help power blender manufacturers win a bigger cut of the market.

Our clients included power blender manufacturers in Germany.


We funded a study into how consumers talk about power blenders across social media channels. Our aim was to offer manufacturers insights into consumers’ social media activities to help them plan their communication tactics and strategies.


We conducted the study using our Social Media Intelligence (SMI) Center, a proprietary platform that can track the topics consumers talk about every day.

We used human coding to ensure we interpreted social media sentiment accurately – including irony, sarcasm, slang and context-dependent sentiments.


Our study revealed that the most talked-about subject is product comparisons, followed by health, diet, price and performance. Conversations around health and nutrition are the most positive in sentiment. This suggests that marketers may find value in focusing social media communications on health and nutritional benefits.

We found that video is the dominant medium among posts about power blenders on social media. Most user video posts are about nutrition and recipes, whereas brand-led marketing focuses on price and performance. If manufacturers maximize their use of video by encouraging users to post their own content alongside brand information, they can set themselves apart.

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