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Success story
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Inspiring new ideas for marketing food to Swedish families


Online communities offer a powerful and scalable way to get deep insight into consumer behavior. A pioneering online community study uncovers how Swedish families shop for, prepare and share evening meals.

Our clients comprise a leading grocery retailer in Sweden and one of the country’s largest producers of dairy products.


A leading Swedish grocery retailer and a large dairy products producer wanted to understand Swedish families’ mealtime planning, buying and cooking behavior.


We launched Family Dinners as a syndicated project on our online community platform called GfK Opinion Planet.
During the four-week study, 90 participating families made 4,200 posts on 20 topics, providing a wealth of facts, opinions, images and films. The participants could communicate and respond to questions in their natural home and working environments. The sense of community allowed us to communicate with our participants over a long period of time in a cost-effective and engaging manner.


Using an online community allowed us to communicate cost-effectively with participants over an extended period. We gained deep insight into their needs, desires and activities regarding all aspects of the family dinner. The study also yielded new ideas for consumer marketing projects and confirmation that existing projects are on the right track.
The project showed that GfK Opinion Planet’s syndicated approach provides the benefits of online market research communities to companies that are not able or ready to invest in building their own platforms.

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