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Success story
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Delivering insights for optimal positioning of a new pharma brand


GfK's proprietary framework gave the client strategic guidance about how it could take ownership of a first-line treatment market.

This company is ranked as one of the top 10 pharmaceutical organizations in the world.


The company wished to maximize the potential of its new and legacy dermatology brands. The goal: To take ownership of the first-line treatment market.


Our Predictive Benefit Framework considers key emotional factors that motivate treatment choice: security, wellbeing, gratification and freedom.

Using this model, we generated powerful hypotheses for positioning the two brands. With the help of our GfK Disease AtlasTM research, we then confirmed these opportunities among healthcare practitioners.


Our research provided strategic guidance about how to position the new product and the existing brand. This was based on three foundations:

  • Physicians were not taking the condition seriously enough
  • Most doctors still rely on older treatments for patients with mild to moderate conditions despite the availability of more effective alternative treatments
  • Many patients underestimate the complexity of their condition and what it takes to treat it

We established these foundations through GfK’s Predictive Benefit Framework and validated the hypotheses with real-world evidence. Our client now has the opportunity to challenge existing standards of patient care with clear positioning for both its new product and the legacy brand.

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