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Market Opportunities and Innovation

Brands are under constant pressure to maintain relevance in an increasingly crowded market. Knowing when, where and how to deliver compelling experiences that create added value for both consumers and brands is critical.

Identifying market innovation opportunities means getting the right balance between competitive trends and market influencers and evolving consumer needs. To succeed, brands need to understand how to connect new products or services with consumers’ lives.

GfK designs and develops new emotive experiences that keep your brand fresh and relevant by anticipating future needs. We guide you on your innovation journey - from growth planning to product launch forecasts. Core deliverables include a compelling pipeline of new experiences, validated against all relevant market criteria, and an activation plan that defines where, when and how to win.

Success Stories
  • Crafting compelling, localized propositions in the tire market

    Crafting compelling, localized propositions in the tire market


    GfK equipped a multinational tire manufacturer to take actions that help improve market share in Africa and the Middle East.

    Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.


    Michelin wanted to improve sales in a key segment of tire consumers in South Africa and the Middle East. It needed to understand which communications positioning and marketing actions it could deploy to increase brand appeal, and boost conversion rates from awareness and consideration to purchase.


    Our research plan had two stages:

    1. GfK Smart Discovery: We identified market opportunities through an inside-out view of the consumer segment, including the dealer perspective. Then, we profiled the customer base and conducted drive-along and shop-along interviews with recent purchasers and active intenders.
    2. GfK Smart Creative: We held an activation workshop to design compelling consumer and dealer value propositions.


    The study revealed the mindset, values and category needs of the audience, along with its perceptions of Michelin’s brand strengths and weaknesses compared to major competitors. It showed how unsuitable communications materials developed in Europe would be for the target markets.

    The research gave the client direction for the development of new collateral that would be relevant and appealing for customers in South Africa and the Middle East.

    Click here to download the success story.

  • Getting to the heart of consumers’ perception of product quality

    Getting to the heart of consumers’ perception of product quality


    GfKs' market insights are helping a Brazilian meat company to understand how its products are seen in relation to those of a key competitor.

    The client is a Brazilian producer of delicatessen meats.


    Our client needed competitive research insights to support its plans to launch a range of new products, including some premium offerings that would be new to the market. It wanted to find out how consumers perceived its brand.

    It also needed to explore whether they would recognize the premium quality of its new offerings (compared to competitive products and its existing range) without any communication effort.


    We conducted a comparative study between our client’s current product range and that of its main competitor with respondents both pre-recruited and approached randomly. We set up separate panels to investigate consumer responses to four different categories that the company was planning to launch to the market.


    Our research found that customers regarded our client’s products to be similar to and as good as those provided by the competition. However, they did not see the company’s prototype products to be superior to the existing ones on the market. This has prompted the client to seek new ways to gain market share from its competitor.

    We discovered from our retail data that its offerings are priced 15-20% below those of its
    rival. We raised the question of whether this price positioning is correct for the meat producer’s market. This was food for thought for our client's marketing and sales strategy.

    Click here to download the success story.

  • Identifying innovation opportunities in the chocolate market

    Identifying innovation opportunities in the chocolate market


    An Eastern European food manufacturer increases brand relevance in the chocolate market.

    The client is a major manufacturer of sweet and savory treats in Eastern Europe.


    Our client wanted to uncover new ideas to grow chocolate sales and increase brand relevance without competing solely on price.


    First, we applied core methodologies from GfK Smart Discovery and GfK FutureWave to draw a Future Market Map for the client. We conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews and one-on-one sessions to get a view of the world through consumers’ eyes.

    The sessions yielded white-space opportunities for innovation and an understanding of the consumers’ evolving needs. We worked with the client to brainstorm questions for the next phase of the research and used our FuturePath framework to segment opportunities.

    We also held face-to-face interviews with 800 regular chocolate buyers. After the presentation of our results and recommendations, we worked with the client to test new concepts with consumers.


    Following the launch of a premium chocolate brand, the company saw user penetration improve by almost 30% in the first six months.

    In addition to attracting new buyers, the food manufacturer reversed an ongoing decline in sales and customer loyalty.

    The packaging for the refreshed product range has won a number of regional awards.

    Click here to download the success story.

  • Delivering insights for optimal positioning of a new pharma brand

    Delivering insights for optimal positioning of a new pharma brand


    GfK's proprietary framework gave the client strategic guidance about how it could take ownership of a first-line treatment market.

    This company is ranked as one of the top 10 pharmaceutical organizations in the world.


    The company wished to maximize the potential of its new and legacy dermatology brands. The goal: To take ownership of the first-line treatment market.


    Our Predictive Benefit Framework considers key emotional factors that motivate treatment choice: security, wellbeing, gratification and freedom.

    Using this model, we generated powerful hypotheses for positioning the two brands. With the help of our GfK Disease AtlasTM research, we then confirmed these opportunities among healthcare practitioners.


    Our research provided strategic guidance about how to position the new product and the existing brand. This was based on three foundations:

    • Physicians were not taking the condition seriously enough
    • Most doctors still rely on older treatments for patients with mild to moderate conditions despite the availability of more effective alternative treatments
    • Many patients underestimate the complexity of their condition and what it takes to treat it

    We established these foundations through GfK’s Predictive Benefit Framework and validated the hypotheses with real-world evidence. Our client now has the opportunity to challenge existing standards of patient care with clear positioning for both its new product and the legacy brand.

    Click here to download the success story.

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