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UX Mapping

Guiding user experience improvements

What it is
A service that allows you to measure your existing customer experiences across all touch points. By understanding where the experience thrives or falters, you can prioritize where to focus improvement efforts and resources.

How it works
Using both user experience and market research methods, we visually map existing experiences, prioritize which improvements would have the most impact, and detail how to fix them. When combined with the BaCE ConX ® tool, we can identify what areas to focus on based on what is most important to the customer, and how to fix them.

Rather than spread investments across an entire multi-channel experience, we help focus your resources on the non-performing touch point(s) that really matter to customers giving you a better return on your investment. Overlay experience maps with your data to drive more value from existing assets. 


North America: Angelo Pierro (angelo.pierro@gfk.com), Mike Murphy (mike.murphy@gfk.com)

Northern and Southern Europe: Simon Jones (Simon.Jones@gfk.com), Eric Landwaart (Eric.Landwaart@gfk.com)

APAC: Maffee Wan (Maffee.Wan@gfk.com)

Germany and Eastern Europe: Dirk Moersdorf (dirk.moersdorf@gfk.com)

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