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Market Access – bringing your value story to life

National, regional and/or local payer organizations are now dominating the market access process in many key strategic markets. So it’s important that industry engage with payers to understand a number of factors: what they are willing to pay for a new technology, how they will come to that decision, against what comparator, in which patient population and how any incremental benefits are likely to be valued.

Our global market access experts are immersed in today’s industry issues. And they are poised to provide critical payer insight, pricing, reimbursement and strategic market access consultancy support to the pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics sectors. Their guidance extends to all stages of product development and commercialization.

Working together with our health and Disease Atlas (real-world evidence) teams, we are able to combine payer insights with those from other key stakeholder groups, including KOLs, physicians and patients. This multi-stakeholder insight, combined with our therapeutics expertise and deep understanding of the global market access landscape, ensures the development of optimal pricing, access, value communication and commercialization strategies.

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    In the healthcare industry, innovation is judged far more by whether it delivers engaging health experiences than by the level of invention. And market access for state-of-the-art healthcare is under pressure globally.