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Small Domestic Appliances: A very positive year-end for Small Domestic Appliances


The last quarter of 2016 showed again a –very- positive growth for Small Domestic Appliances. Only a few categories showed a decline, mainly within the Personal Care segment.

One of the biggest growth drivers this quarter were definitely deep fryers. Here the ‘low oil’ or ‘healthy’ appliances really boosted sales. These appliances already had a very successful 2016, and December sales were really the cherry on the cake. Next to that, other Kitchen Appliances like Hot Beverage Makers, other Breakfast products and Food preparation also performed well.

Also within the Home Comfort segment we see good results, where the segment of Vacuum Cleaners is the real ‘star category’. Here, handsticks are definitely the most popular sub segment.

Caroline Cauwenberghs - Consultant SDA


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Caroline Cauwenberghs