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Media & Entertainment: Gaming uplifts whole sector and prevents massive losses


A first quarter growth boost in Console gaming nearly evens out the ongoing decline in Cd and Dvd. The total entertainment market increased with 1.8%.

Amid continuing disruption and transformation (from offline to online; from physical to digital; from downloads to streaming; from ownership to access), the loss is limited to a decline of “only” 1.1%.

After a relatively disappointing 2016, Gaming is currently the main driver of a successful first quarter, not only outgrowing the first quarter of last year by 7.8%, but also growing 11.7% compared to Q1 2015.

While console software decreases with 2%, console hardware grows by a quarter, of course mainly thanks to the March release of the Nintendo Switch.

But let’s not underestimate the effect PSVR had in Gaming peripherals, which almost doubled when compared to Q1 2016.

As music streaming is driving the 2% growth of the music industry as a whole, downloads are declining faster than physical sales, by 17% and 15% respectively.

A ray of hope is provided by the 25% growth of Vinyl, now accounting for almost 15% of total music album revenues, suggesting the revival might be more than just a temporary hype.

Dvd and Blu-ray sales combined plunge 13.8% in the first quarter.

Despite missing multiple bestsellers (compared to the first quarter of 2016, only Trolls came close to Game of Thrones 5, James Bond/Spectre and F.C. De Kampioenen/Jubilée Générale), the 14.7% decline in Dvd revenues is considerably less than in most European countries.

It has also been a while since the loss in Blu-ray was not going up to double digits.

This market will remain very release driven, but this trend heralds the beginning of what may look like a stabilization of the market, especially since the decline in back catalog (> 3 months) was less than 5%.

Conrad Hayen – Business Analyst Media & Entertainment


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