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Media & Entertainment: Decline within the Belgian Home Entertainment market


In Q2 the Home Entertainment market in Belgium declines by 1.1%, as Video on Demand and Streaming fail to compensate for the loss made in Gaming.

In the second quarter of 2016, the Belgian DVD and Blu-ray market decreases by ‘only’ 11.6%, which is decent, if not encouraging. Although Star Wars/The Force Awakens and Game of Thrones 5 outsold last year’s second quarter bestsellers, both ‘Made for Cinema’ and ‘TV’ segments shrink by over 14%. Despite representing only 17% of total turnover, the decline was -rather surprisingly- softened by a boost in the ‘Made for Video’ segment, with a growth of almost 6%. In combination with the digital revenues however, the Belgian Home Video industry grows an estimated 7.4%.

With both last year’s bestselling albums 10.000 Luchtballonnen (K3) and 25 (Adele) still in this quarter’s Top-3, it comes as no surprise that the value in Catalogue titles (older than 13 weeks) only decreases with 10%, whereas the New Release segment dropped by 22%, leading to a total decline of almost 16%. This loss is mainly offset by Streaming, which grows from strength to strength each quarter and reverses the overall trend into a growth of 2.2%.

After an unexpectedly poor first quarter, the second wasn’t any better for the Belgian Gaming industry. On the contrary, while the turnover in New Releases almost breaks even, mainly driven by the highly anticipated Uncharted 4/A Thief’s End, a drop of 19% in revenue in Catalogue causes a decline of 12% compared with 2015. Console hardware in particular (with a loss of 15.6%) suffers from this mass exit of Old Gen, while consumers remain cautious by uncertainty over upcoming new releases and upgrades (like Xbox One S, PlayStation Neo and Nintendo NX).

Conrad Hayen – Business Analyst Media & Entertainment


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