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Home Improvement: Difficult month of June


Half a year has gone again, so let’s take a look at the DIY superstores’ performances. All 6 months considered jointly, we couldn`t have had a more stable turnover. No growth, no decline, but that is where the good news ends.

In fact, we only had two good months. February showed a very nice +5.8% growth in turnover while the very important month of May also showed + 5% but we finished with a depressive June, - 4.9%. 

The units involved tell a whole different story. A sharp -4.5% decline in total number of units sold shows an underlying issue within the physical shops. One of the reasons is, of course, the weather, which is not helping to build stable sales. Belgium DIY shops are very much garden-focused. It makes it very hard to compensate for bad weather conditions. Some very strong promotional actions saved the season.

As far as product groups are concerned, we see again a decline in the paint sector. We remember the drop back in 2015, which means that this result is quite dramatic. The second group strongly declining is the building materials group with a sharp decline of -7%. The decline in this segment was noticeable in all 6 months. It will be once again a challenging race towards December to keep turnover in the black. 

Dimitri Vits – Consultant Home & Living


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