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Fashion: Negative October brings the Fashion figures of 2017 to -1%


Compared to a very positive October last year, the Fashion market was not able to equal these figures this year. Therefore, October is, unfortunately, responsible for a decline in value of -1% for 2017. Compared to last year, the weather in October 2017 was much better, which may have had an impact when shopping for autumn and winter collection.

It’s mainly the category of Shoes that is responsible for the total decline in 2017, with a -6.7% decline. Total Outerwear is stable compared to 2016, with a growth for Men Outerwear of +1.5% and a decline for Kids Outerwear of -1.5%. Women Outerwear noted a stable growth of +0.1%. Underwear & Legwear showed a stable growth too of +0.5%.

As I already mentioned, it was October, with a decline of -17.3% compared to the same period last year, that caused the positive figures from September (+20.7%) to drop. December was stable with +0.1% in 2017. It is also becoming more and more important for the Fashion Industry, where this month has reached the biggest weight in value over the last 12 months. That means that December is even more important than the sales months January or July.

Besides reporting on these figures, I’m happy to announce that we will expand our Belgian Fashion Panel within the next months with some important new retailers, which will lead to more detailed reporting. In the decline of -1% from 2017 we are reporting on now, we do not yet take some important online retailers into account, whom we will add during the upcoming expansion. This could lead to a different view on the total Fashion market than we are reporting now.

Follow our next Retail Reports to know what the impact will be!

Wim Boesmans – Head of POS Measurement


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