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Consumer Electronics: Black Friday, the driver of Q4!


Results in the red for the CE sector. Over the whole of 2017, value declines by -4%, driven by an even bigger loss in volume.

The Television market is ending the year with a 6.6% drop in value. Not only is this product group under strong pressure, there also has not been a big football event this year! However, when analysing the Q4 performance, the results are quite impressive, gaining almost 6% in value.

This positive outcome is mostly thanks to the Black Friday sales event, an event that has its origin in the United States. It is the first day after Thanksgiving and opens the season of Christmas shopping. In Belgium also, Black Friday is gaining serious popularity and is closing in on the first week of “solden” (sales) in terms of value.

Another high-flyer within the CE market is the drones’ category. That section has seen a growth of 50% in value. The total year result also speaks volumes, gaining triple digits (+110%) in value! In terms of volume, the story is a bit different. There is a +2.5% growth, so we can safely say that this market is slowing down. The consumers’ choice is going to the more expensive drones, the majority of which is equipped with a camera.

And last but not least, there are the Docking/Mini-Speakers. They are closing 2017 with some positive numbers. In value, the market gained almost 20% and in volume 18.8%, mostly driven by the Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Chris Renders – Consultant Consumer Electronics & Telecom 


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