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Books: The Belgian printed book consumption declines by 4.3% in Q2, but it isn’t all doom and gloom


With CD and DVD sales in spectacular decline, caused by the digital revolution, printed books are emerging as the mainstay of all physical media. (Ideally need the original sentence in Dutch to give this sentence a translation that makes sense, cos this one doesn’t).

Despite an ongoing annual growth of eBook sales in Belgium, they currently account for less than 1% only of the total book turnover, while in other leading countries (the US, for instance) the first signs of its decay are already showing.

Despite a decline of 4.7%, book sales in Flanders are slowly bouncing back after a bad first quarter, with particularly Non-Books (calendars, maps, diaries, etc) and Educational Books on the rise. Children’s books’ sales remain stable, while Non-Fiction (-7.2%), Comic Books (-10.6%) and Literature (-5%) are responsible for the decline. The decrease in Non-Fiction was hype-related (as both Cooking Books and Colouring for Adults peaked in 2015), whereas the decline in Fiction was rather organic, as evidenced by a sales drop in all the annual Usual Suspects (Nicci French, Santa Montefiore and Pieter Aspe).

In Wallonia, book sales decreased by 3.8% in the second quarter and in stark contrast with Flanders, this was mainly due to a decline of over 10% in Children’s Books and Non-Books. 

‘Het smelt’, Lize Spit’s debut novel was still bestselling in Flanders, while Guillaume Musso remains the most read – or at least the most bought – author in Wallonia.

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