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GfK maps the impact of sponsoring Brico Cross in Belgium

Leuven, 01.06.2018

46% of Belgians claim they are interested in cyclocross - and 15% consider themselves as “real fans”, making this one of the most followed sports in Belgium, and delivering strong potential as a sport marketing platform. The “real fans” break down demographically as being mostly male, somewhat older and living in Flanders.

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GfK’s research shows that consumers see Brico Cross as presenting an attractive series of events, with 3 in 4 of the cyclocross fans watching this competition, and almost 1 in 5 of Belgians overall watching Brico Cross. They mostly follow it via television, but 1 in 10 fans also go to the live events to support their favourite riders and breathe in the unique ambiance that goes alongside being there in person.

GfK’s data also shows that partnering with Brico Cross has a very positive impact on the sponsor brands. 
Firstly, consumer awareness is significantly higher for the sponsors of Brico Cross, with people more often recognizing these brand and also considering these brands more frequently. More importantly, their consumption of the sponsor’s products is higher, showing a direct sponsorship impact on sales. 

The GfK study shows that 68% of the Brico Cross viewers bought something at a Brico store in the past 12 months, in comparison with 59% of the non-viewers. Moreover, Brico Cross viewers evaluate the sponsors in a more positive way (32%) than the non-viewers (only 7%). 

So Brico Cross, as a sports marketing & media platform, has the power to create a very positive impact on the sponsor brands, their evaluation with fans/consumer and their consumption/sales.

Finally, the cyclocross fans believe that some retail sectors are more fitting as sponsors than others. They see the best fit with Food & Drinks, Telco, Finance and Energy. These sectors are also reflected in the general interests of the fans. For example, 55% of the cyclocross fans are interested in cooking for fun.